FaxBridge – VOIP Fax Adapter

Instantly connect any physical fax machine to the cloud

The Foiply FaxBridge is a simple plug and play device that allows you to use your existing fax machine to send faxes over an internet connection (FoIP). All that is needed is an internet connection and a Foiply account. Faxes are securely sent and received by the device using HTTPS.


No complex setup or installation. Just plug your FaxBridge in and start faxing. FaxBridges ship preconfigured and already assigned to your account.


Using a FaxBridge with your physical fax machine eliminates the need for POTS/analog phone lines. Stop paying unnecessary costs to use your fax machine.


FaxBridges can help reduce paper waste since all incoming faxes are automatically emailed to you. They also increase security and help with compliance since all faxes sent and received with a FaxBridge are automatically stored securely in the cloud.

FaxBridge pricing

$175 plus TAX
FREE SHIPPING (U.S. Addresses Only)
*Must have Foiply account to order FaxBridge.
To sign up for service click HERE. Discounted pricing available for bulk orders.