Email to Fax

Faxing has never been easier

Send and receive faxes right from you email. No software to download. No learning curve. Turn any device into a fax machine. Check out how it works below.

Sending a fax from email

Step 1

Compose a new email message. Address your email to (include the "1" for faxes to USA and Canada). Example

Step 2

Attach any documents you wish to fax (some of our supported file types include DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, PNG, JPEG, PPT and many more)

Step 3

Click SEND. That's it. Foiply handles the rest. We will convert your document into a fax and deliver it on your behalf. We will email you a delivery confirmation. All fax history is then accessible from our Web Portal

Receiving a fax through email

Receiving faxes is even easier. Every Foiply plan comes with a Toll-Free virtual fax number. When someone sends a fax to your number, Foiply automatically converts that fax to a PDF document and delivers it directly to your email. We also automatically store all faxes in the cloud for your convenience. Never lose another fax! 

Heard enough?

Try it out free. First 14 days on us!

Easily deploy email to fax across your organization

Foiply is built to scale. Use our advanced administrative features to add/remove users, change permissions, and set up routing rules. We authenticate every email to fax attempt against your active user list, including an SPF record check, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

Email to Fax FAQs

I'm worried about email security.

We understand completely. Sending and receiving faxes from email is just one method of deployment. You can disable this feature and remove the actual fax attachments from your email notifications and retrieve your faxes by logging into our secure Web Portal. You can also use our Fax API or FaxBridge technology.

This sounds great! Can I keep my fax number?

Absolutely! You can port your current fax number to us. For instructions on how to do this click here.

What email providers can I use with your service?

Any! There is no restriction on domain or email client. Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo... it doesn't matter. All you need is to be a provisioned user in the system and we verify by email address.

I'm already a customer. I'm looking for email to fax support.

Please visit the Email to Fax section of our support portal or Contact Us and we'll be happy to help you out.